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Our projects

Custom Homes

East Coast Structures experienced team has been building new custom homes for over 20 years. Our custom houses are all unique structures designed by some of the area’s top architects. Regardless of the size, East Coast Structures applies the same care to each house we build. It is this attention to quality, budget, and service that separates East Coast Structures from the competition.

We manage the process of building a house; keeping our clients informed and the projects efficient. Building a new custom home is a team effort, with architects, interior designers, builders, and owners joining forces to create something unique and wonderful. The better the team, the better the house. East Coast Structures leads the team to successful completion.


Choosing a professional remodeling firm can be a daunting task. Choosing the wrong contractor will cost you time, money and peace of mind. Choosing an experienced and trusted remodeling firm will yield great satisfaction, and in the end will save you time and money.

East Coast Structures provides full service remodeling. Remodeling, renovating or building additions to an existing home is a much different task than building a new home. We utilize our tried and tested processes and systems within the remodeling environment and our team of highly skilled craftsmen deliver every remodeling project on schedule and within your budget.  From simple residential bathroom remodels to whole-apartment complex renovations and additions, our expertise is unmatched.

Remodeling takes particular sensitivity to preserving what is good in the existing structure, matching where appropriate, and blending in the new work, so that the house is enhanced both functionally and architecturally. Renovation is a team effort, with architects, interior designers, builders, and the home owner, joining forces to take something old and turn your home into something new and wonderful.

East Coast Structures would like the opportunity to learn more about your project. We are committed to working with you to determine if we are the best fit. Please call or email our office today for a no obligation consultation.

House Lifting

Reconfiguring and updating interior space or making exterior home renovations to enhance curb appeal is just one expertise of East Coast Structures. We can bring vitality and new life to homes with our ideas, designs and solutions.

Living on Long Island Sound, we have seen cases of homes damaged due to storm flooding. In many of those cases there is a need to move a house back from the potential high-water zones or to lift your house. We can help with a house lift for structures that have already had a flooding condition and need to be lifted to prevent a future loss, or as a preventative measure so that, if a flood occurs, your house will be safe from the flooding. Mitigation through house lifting can also be beneficial in dealing with the potential effects of climate change including sea level rise and increased flooding. Whether your structure needs to be raised 8 inches or more than 12 feet, we can handle the project with ease. We work with you to coordinate with your government and private flood insurance, and can help you walk through the entire process.

Most of our clients cherish their homes, neighborhoods, and schools but want to enhance their home’s appearance or create more space for family friendly living. That’s when they call us! East Coast Structures can improve the quality of home life with a well thought out “lift” to create the space needed while maintaining the charm and style of the original home. If you are considering a house extension, a better option may be to raise your house and put in a new floor. Raising your home can allow you to increase the height of your basement ceiling or create a new full basement from a crawl space. These and other methods could be the most cost effective ways to double the square footage of your home. Another great reason to consider raising your house instead of adding an extension, is to keep your precious backyard space. Raising your home keeps your current outdoor space intact.

Commercial Construction 

East Coast Structures offers complete commercial renovation services. We regard each property we are involved with as uniquely different from any other property. We will maximize your investment while giving your project the attention and care it deserves.

Our hands-on responsiveness in the renovation of every one of our projects is unequaled. Our goal is to maximize your property value and increase your net income. We are committed to providing unsurpassed services to our clients.

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